Who We Are

About the Jackson Community Foundation

The recently renamed Jackson Community Foundation was first established in 1965 as Southeast MO Medical Center, Inc or the SMMC with the purpose of lessening the burden of government for the City of Jackson, Missouri, and Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, and the trade area of Jackson, Missouri.

The Jackson Community Foundation works to help the community by providing gifts, donations or below market rent to its service area. JCF’s primary objectives are to provide gifts, services, subsidies and/or facilities that will be available to all members of the public, without regard to their race, religion, color or creed, a place for general public benefit and use. Any monetary profits or other benefits which flow through our organization shall be used solely and exclusively for the furtherance of our purposes. 

The powers and authorities of the JCF are as follows: 

  1. To have, exercise and utilize all powers, privileges and obligations provided for under “The General Not For Profit Corporation Law” as set forth in Section 355 RSMo 1959.
  2. To erect, equip, maintain and operate facilities of general public benefit in furtherance of health, fitness, safety, education, and/or the general public welfare.
  3. To receive and maintain funds and other assets and apply the income and principal thereof to promote the well-being of all citizens in Jackson, Missouri and Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, and the surrounding trade area without regard to color, religion, creed or national origin. It shall be within the purposes of this corporation to use, as a means to that end, research, publications, the establishment and maintenance of charitable, benevolent and medical research activities, agencies and institutions, and the aid of any such activities, agencies and institutions already established, and any other means, persons, or agencies which, from time to time, shall seem expedient to its board of directors and which shall further the purposes of the above named.