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For Jackson. For Good. For Ever.

Our Activities

1965Dr. Brennecke pledges $10,000 for Jackson's health care availability.
1966-1969$180,000 collected from Jackson residents to start SMMC.
1969Purchased 78 acres in West Jackson.
1972$400,000 to recruit Dr. Asher and build office and equipment.
1979$900,000 to build Jackson Manor Lincoln Richeson Lease.
1983$15,000 loairto DY. V. Mangunta—Balance forgiven.
1984$10,000 loan to Dr. Icaza—Balance forgiven after 5 years service.
1985Met with Joe and John Russell to push for 24hr. ambulance coverage.
1989Sold 25 acres to Jackson School district for elementary school well
under appraised value. Dr. Wayne Maupin Superintendent
1993Sold 26 more acres to Jackson R-2 for Middle School under appraised value.
2002$10,000 was donated to Jackson Fire for defibrillator Brad Golden.
2003$20,000 to Jackson Fire for a used ambulance from Webster Groves Bargaining tool for 24 hour coverage. Equipment destroyed in Tornado. Insurance reimbursed cash to City.
2004$300,000 to develop Independence Center for possible assisted living building. 6 duplex lots and 3 Professional lots developed.
2004$7,000 for a safety fence around Jackson Elementary playground.
2005$200,000 to Jackson Senior Center for building construction.
2005$25,000 was donated to Jackson Soccer Park.
2006$40,000 was donated to Saxony Lutheran for a baseball field with the understanding Jackson residents could use it for youth baseball.
2006$25,000 to Whitey Herzog Cal Ripken Field. Paid Back.
2006$62,500 to the City of Jackson for early warning sirens.
2006$19,000 for preliminary plans of 51,000 sq. ft. Community Center.
2006$38,000 for engineering on Deerwood Bridge Koehler Engineering.
2007$338,239 for the total cost of Deerwood Bridge. City to reimburse half.
2007$105,000 for turning lanes on 61 North. Half was reimbursed by City.
2007$9,250 for our share of oversite engineering and certification.
2009$10,000 to Ron Clark to defray the cost of waterline over Hubble Creek.

$2,533,989 invested back to the Jackson community.

$5.9 million in valuation for taxes in property taxes.

  • Dr. Asher’s medical building.
  • Jackson Villa Apartments.
  • Low Income Apts.
  • 6 duplex lots and buildings
  • Jackson Manor
  • Independence Center
  • Contributed to the 2021 Jackson Pickleball Courts in Litz Park

Possible future 50 apartments and a private owned assisted living facility.